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Room type Rack Rate Monthly Rent
Standard Suite (two-bedrooms) 90sq.m ¥RMB 680yuan/night ¥RMB 14,500yuan/month
Junior Suite (two-bedrooms) 128sq.m ¥RMB780yuan/night ¥RMB 16,500yuan/month
Superior triple suite 128sq.m ¥RMB 880yuan/night ¥RMB 17,500yuan/month
Deluxe triple-suite 165sq.m ¥RMB 980yuan/night ¥RMB 19,000yuan/month
Executive suite 90sq.m ¥RMB 880yuan/night ¥RMB 19,000yuan/month
Executive superior suite 128sq.m ¥RMB 1080yuan/night ¥RMB 24,000yuan/month
Executive deluxe suite 165sq.m ¥RMB 1280yuan/night ¥RMB 28,000yuan/month

Advance booking
Booking: Please booking an apartment one day earlier and make a confirmation of the booking either by e-mail or fax
Check-out time is 12:00 in the noon
Check-out after 12:00, half a day charge is added
Check-out after 18:00, one day more charge

Other Services
Additional bed: RMB 150 per bed
Other services (24 hours reception in Japanese and English language
airline ticket booking
luggage consignation
rental car service
If any other service you need that haven’t been given here, please contact us and we will do our best to satisfy your need as good as we can.